3 Reasons Christians Should Vote

Is voting in government elections a Christian duty? The Bible does not command Christians to vote in government elections. However, the Bible does not command Christians to not vote in government elections. So what should Christians do? Micah Watson an associate professor of political science at Calvin College and contributor to www.thegospelcoalition.org gives Christians three reasons to vote.

First, Watson proposes that voting is promoting what we believe to be good and “which public servants would most faithfully carry out that mandate.” Christians exercise our basic civic duty through voting by “electing, respecting, and empowering those public servants who give their full attention to governing.”

Second, Professor Watson believes “voting is one measure whereby we learn what it would mean to promote the common good in our particular community. It’s a small but tangible exercise that can lead to even greater involvement in cultivating a just and merciful society.”

Finally, Micah Watson encourages Christians to vote because it communicates to “our neighbors—believers and nonbelievers alike—that we too are committed to a vision of the good life. We care about their well-being, even on issues that are secondary to eternal matters.”

In summary, Christians should vote because voting empowers us to influence government with our Christian worldview regarding what is good and right for society.

Do you think Christians should vote? Why or why not? Let me hear from you! Leave your comments!



Micah Waton’s full article can be viewed at https://www.thegospelcoalition.org/article/why-christians-should-vote.



How to Vote in the Presidential Election

This year America will elect the first woman or billionaire to be president. How should Christians vote in this historical election? Here are three suggestions.

First, vote for a candidate based on past actions versus presidential platform. Politicians make several promises when running for office, but they have many broken promises when leaving office. So vote on their past actions, not their political agenda.

Second, vote according to your personal convictions. Compare the nominee’s platform to your principles. If your convictions and integrity will not let you vote for a person, choose another candidate. Do not vote for a candidate that does not represent what you believe.

Third, cast your vote based on biblical values. Conservative or Liberal values are not equivalent to biblical values. Vote for the candidate that will exemplify godliness in government and lead our nation with biblical principles not political platforms.

Go vote and pray for “all who are in authority” because “there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God” (Rom. 13:1, NASB).

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